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My writing career has taken me across a variety of fields including localization, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, and curatorial art. These experiences have further improved my writing and editing abilities and honed my communication skills. I believe that understanding the context in which language is utilized is a key factor in getting your message across.

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Collaborated with various teams on a gloal sale and implemented new training protocols and writing material for Samsung's voice assistant.

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White Papers & Articles

Edited and reviewed various papers and articles to ensure quality and consistency with requested standards. Mainly focused on mechanical engineering papers in the Oil and Gas industry.

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Document Review

Document Control

Creation of document control systems and procedural documents to ensure quality. Implemented a new quality control and auditing committee and process to the Advanced Engineering group. Assessed and effectively communicated areas of inefficiency to create higher quality deliverables and analyses.

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Business Analysis

Assessed and organized various items regarding processing of new hires and analyzing inefficiencies in the system. Understanding where there was lack of communication and created new solutions to remediate them. Dispersed this information throughout the group in an organized manner.

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